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A while ago I tried to create a dynamic map with traditional boats plotted according to their origin. I quickly ran into technical difficulties and scrapped it. Now, thanks to new functionality from our friends at Google Maps, I have again plotted traditional boats on an interactive map, linking each to relevant posts on Chine bLog and elsewhere. Please let me know if you have one to add. Enjoy!

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Addendum 1 – Big update now in – I have added more meaningful icons and color schemes. Please view the map in concert with the legend below.

Map legend

Addendum 2 – I am adding this after the fact in response to a question that is going around my head (especially since I hit the US and UK): what constitutes “traditional” for purposes of this project? My (loose) working definition is that I want to show “designs” that are a) small, b) roughly a century old or more (to the origin of the “design” or “class”), and c) originally utilitarian (i.e., I am generally avoiding yachts). Reproductions are cool if they are very true to the original “design” / “class” as stated above. This is where I am today, anyway…

Please let us know if there is a boat we should add!

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di williamson


I have some pictures of traditional boat building in The Gambia, and some of boats on lake Atitlan in Guatemala, if you are interested.

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