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The people are speaking: time to publish Wayfarer Dinghy plans

We realized that we have been running this blog for over four years now. This is the second iteration of it, as of last Winter, so our analytics are incomplete. It is the case for the last several months, however, – and we promise that it has basically always been the case – that one [...]

A great read: the Dyes’ “Ocean Crossing Wayfarer”

As I mentioned recently, my dad gave me Frank and Margaret Dye’s Ocean Crossing Wayfarer: To Iceland and Norway in a 16ft Open Boat for Christmas and I tore through it in several days. Great book for those liking adventure or those liking nice wooden boats.

For those not in the know, Frank Dye [...]

A death in the kayaking family – Timothy Gutmann, 1967 – 2007

As 2007 draws to a close, we can take stock of the year in many ways, and thinking about those no longer with us is one piece. There have, of course been many in our little sphere of interest to think about, and I won’t try to go back. I will call out one, though: [...]

How cool is this – my Wayfarer Dinghy adventurer surfaces!

A while back I wrote about the Wayfarer Dinghy, a subject that still keeps people coming back to Chine bLog. It referenced my first knowledge of the boat, an adventure in one up the coast of Labrador. Imagine, then, my very pleasant surprise to see that the man behind that adventure found my post and [...]

Hall of Lame – Wayfarer Dinghy Associations

For a long time I have had a thing for the Wayfarer Dinghy. It started with a piece in the dearly departed Small Boat Journal about a guy cruising the coast of Labrador in one. I looked the look of the boat – and it was a wooden one – but the adventure really captured [...]