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Wonderful detail on the viking longship Havhingsten fra Glendalough

OK – here’s the deal: We have had some stuff going on, we haven’t been able to post in a bit, and we’ve built up a nice backlog on posts. And it JUST SO HAPPENS that two of them tonight involve the writing of Tom Jackson of WoodenBoat. Pure coincidence, folks. Let’s can those [...]

Off topic, but really cool – “Battle at Kruger” video

Every so often I get to post off topic stuff; that why I have a “Random Stuff” category. Here is a little video that, if you haven’t seen it, is must see. It has nothing to do with boats (unless you note the not-too subtle message that kayaking in South African waterholes might be a [...]

Interesting video – “Restoring the Elwha”

American Rivers has an interesting video out on restoration of the Elwha River in Washington State’s Olympic Peninsula. Looks like it will recreate a nice river for boating, particularly if one likes mixing fishing with their boating. There is also a snippet of a nice native canoe.


Two videos from WoodenBoat that are worth checking out.

WoodenBoat apparently stumbled across a reason to do a couple videos recently. Both are well done – short, well-edited, and highly relevant and interesting. The first features Doug Hylan of D. N. Hylan & Associates (also featured in my prior post on N. G. Herreshoff’s COQUINA) talking about L. Francis Herreshoff’s QUIET TUNE. It nicely [...]