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’round the blogs – great stuff from elsewhere in the traditional boat blogosphere

It has been far too long (we do I always find myself starting this way? SIGH) since we here at Chine bLog highlighted the great posts others have offered the world regarding wooden / traditional boats. Yes, believe it or not, Chine bLog is NOT the only source. Really. It’s true. If you haven’t discovered [...]

Light thoughts on semantics and my boat design philosophy

This is one of those posts I am going to start writing and hope that, by the time I hit Publish, a coherent piece will have emerged. I have been thinking a bit about the kinds of boats I am drawn to draw these days, those that truly inspire me. Obviously AL DEMANY CHIMAN is [...]

Thanks for the visit Tony Dias

It’s always fun when a real, live subject of a post stops by, even if it is to dispute your opinion. Heck, so much the better – we put ourselves out there, so we deserve whatever comes of it. So many thanks to designer Tony Dias, who found one of our very first posts, on [...]

“LiLo” – A 35′ racer-cruiser

As I have mentioned in the past, I have been screwing around with boat design stuff for many years (with a big lull in there when I lost my way). My inaugural post on this blog talked about the class I took at the design class I took at the WoodenBoat School. There I designed [...]

Arey’s Pond Daysailer – close, but…

Another one out of WoodenBoat here… They recently did a piece on the Arey 18 Daysailer, a reasonably new design from Tony Dias. Its an interesting piece that devotes a just amount of time to detail the history of the Kingston lobsterboat, a class I had not knowingly encountered beforehand…

As part of this discussion, [...]