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A good sea story: the voyage of SIPRIZ

The latest issue of Outside Magazine includes a great article titled “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” about a six-person crew’s voyage in a hand-made, 21′, open sloop from the southern coast of Haiti to Florida. The goal was to trace the route of refugees in a native craft. This is one [...]

Traditional and/or interesting boats of the Dalmatian coast, Croatia

So my blogging has fallen off a bit this spring, eh? Never fear, I haven’t gone away – I’ve just been engaged in another project. But that’s a different post.

My parents recently took an Elderhostel trip to the Dalmatian coast, Croatia. They loved the trip and it looks as lovely as I have heard [...]

More boats seen at the Center for Wooden Boats

There are so many cool boats to see at the Center for Wooden Boats. I noticed a bunch that weren’t there in my prior visit. Here’s a little slide show of them:

A couple classic wooden working boats at the Maritime Museum of San Diego

I had an opportunity to stroll briefly past the Maritime Museum of San Diego this weekend. Looks like a nice spot for those interested in ships. I did find a couple nice-looking local wooden work boats. The first is a little fishing boat that apparently traces its roots to the Mediterranean, courtesy of Italian immigrants. [...]

Another boat under way – the Knockabout Sloops blog

Tonight I came across the blog Knockabout Sloops, which is devoted to one man’s construction of a long, pretty sloop in glass with nice trim. I like the daily progress logs. Of course I could never have done this. Too many days saying the same thing… followed by reverses…

“LiLo” – A 35′ racer-cruiser

As I have mentioned in the past, I have been screwing around with boat design stuff for many years (with a big lull in there when I lost my way). My inaugural post on this blog talked about the class I took at the design class I took at the WoodenBoat School. There I designed [...]

Great Designer – Paul Gartside

I mentioned Paul Gartside in the previous post. He is, by the way, a heck of a good designer. He has a great eye for traditional craft with just the right amount of working boat influence, in my mind.

Check out this one – 5.5 Metre Half-Decked Centerboard Gaff Cutter, Design #93 – sweet [...]