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Catching up with the traditional boat blogosphere - recent stuff from some peersCatching up with the traditional boat blogosphere – recent stuff from some peers

I have so engaged in designing and building that I haven’t been on the computer as much in the PMs. I have clearly been missing out on what some of our traditional boat peeps have been putting up. In case you missed it directly, here is some stuff to check out:

Indigenous Boats Bob over [...]

A good sea story: the voyage of SIPRIZ

The latest issue of Outside Magazine includes a great article titled “Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” about a six-person crew’s voyage in a hand-made, 21′, open sloop from the southern coast of Haiti to Florida. The goal was to trace the route of refugees in a native craft. This is one [...]

Alton Stone shows off his ‘glass Delware Ducker

New reader Alton Stone recently left a comment on one of my posts about Delaware Duckers. He was interested in upgrading his rig and was nice enough to respond to my info with some pictures (included here) and color commentary. If anyone can help him, please drop a comment and I will make sure he [...]

On the water at the Center for Wooden Boats: Lake Oswego Boat and Wood’s Hole Sprit Boat

Some “shuckie darns” business travel recently: back to Seattle, which means, yes, more visits to the Center for Wooden Boats, which I praised a bit back. I got in two visits and availed myself of a row and a sail. Both were great.

It had been a long time – a frighteningly [...]

The Center for Wooden Boats – Part 1: Sailing the Cape Ann Dory Q’ONA

I was in Seattle for business last week, which allowed me to make a pilgrimage to the Center for Wooden Boats, a place so cool I cannot contain it to a single post, nor even two. In fact, friends, a roughly two-and-a half-hour visit gave me four interesting posts to lay out for you. [...]

Sailing a Delaware Ducker – finale, for now, with Cheaspeake Bay Maritme Museum’s Apprentice for a Day program

And so, like all good things, another set of sessions with Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s Apprentice for a Day program has ended. And what a way to go – sailing a Delaware Ducker, the sister of the one on which I have been working. We got two little sails in, with some fine tuning of [...]