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Update from the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum boatyard on the ROSIE PARKS

When I have been out to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum I have kept tabs on the restoration of the skipjack ROSIE PARKS. Longtime readers first saw pictures of her in tough shape in 2007 (see right).

By this time last year, there was much better news to report: ROSIE PARKS was well [...]

An update on the restoration of the skipjack ROSIE PARKS

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has a great fleet and will be the better for adding the restored skipjack, ROSIE PARKS. I have blogged about her before and the museum does a nice job of tracking the update in its blog. I checked in on her while I was there. She’s coming along nicely.


Learning to plank – a great time as a CBMM Apprentice for a Day

It happens all too rarely, but I was able to cash in a Christmas gift and spend another great day with Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum‘s Apprentice for a Day program. The current boat is an enhanced reproduction (a reproduction with some more modern updates incorporated) of GHOST, a deadrise bateau from about 1920. She is [...]

Congratulations are in order for our friends on the Bay

A quick note with two well-deserved congratulations to two friends of Chine bLog. The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is sporting a great new design for its main web site. I’d encourage folks to drop by and check it out. It is more attractive than its predecessor, better showcases the museum’s assets and activities (dawdle on [...]

More from Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum – a small replanking project

This skipjack is up on blocks at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. I think the planking might need a little work. Looks like it is in good hands.


Saving classic rowing craft – Rowable Classics

My dad, who lives in Mid-coast Maine, pointed out Rowable Classics, a non-profit organization up there that helps restore and and find loving owners for classic rowing boats. Seems like a great idea. When I rowed in high school we had some old wooden shells that were beautiful boats. The web site is a [...]

Wooden Boats For Sale Online – a new resale tool for wooden boats and a good thing for keeping these craft loved and afloat

WoodenBoat has always had classifieds at the end (a nice place to day-dream, I always found as a kid). Now it has added to this service with a web version: Wooden Boats For Sale Online. I like the idea – every little bit help in terms of keeping nice boats in loving hands [...]

Wood-and-canvas canoes on screen (and DeNiro too…)

The March/April issue of WoodenBoat

is not the first place I might turn for movie previews, but it turns out there is a movie coming out in late this year called “The Good Shepherd” that has an impressive cast: three wooden-and-canvas Old Town canoes and an Adirondack Guideboat. That’s talent, if you ask [...]