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Catching up with the traditional boat blogosphere - recent stuff from some peersCatching up with the traditional boat blogosphere – recent stuff from some peers

I have so engaged in designing and building that I haven’t been on the computer as much in the PMs. I have clearly been missing out on what some of our traditional boat peeps have been putting up. In case you missed it directly, here is some stuff to check out:

Indigenous Boats Bob over [...]

A long-overdue shout-out to Gary Dierking’s Outrigger Sailing Canoes Blog

I noticed a while ago that our friend Gary Dierking, the Kiwi outrigger maestro, has been running a blog to compliment and promote his work. Take this as a study in how well I am doing at keeping up on this blog these days – I am just now getting to an appreciation of this [...]

Deliciously “crazy” design concept from Proafile

I just popped over to Proafile, where I don’t spend enough time, and was rewarded with a really nice piece of small boat design mind-candy. Michael Schacht, who writes the blog, has a concept that is one-part heresy and one-part genius – the stuff we need more of. He has taken a “sacred” design, [...]

Traditional boats in the petri dish – understanding cultural evolution via canoe design

Nothing quite like an academic article on a Friday night to really get you going… and yet, its true. I just was reviewing a piece from a year ago in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Deborah S. Rogers and Paul R. Ehrlich contributed the piece “Natural [...]

More on proa racing in the Marshall Islands – videos on YouTube

Location: Majuro, Marshall Islands

The other night, I added a post about the return of proa racing to the Marshall Islands. Don’t you know, then, that days later, we now have some video of the 2001 races. “aqlunafoo” added a post to the Proa-file yahoo group with four interesting videos. Many thanks!

Here are some [...]

The return of proa racing in the Marshall Islands

We are going around the world tonight here at Chine bLog! Madagascar! Antigua! And now, drum-roll, please, the Marshall Islands! That’s right: three oceans, three island nations, and, best of all, three traditional wooden sailing craft! Wooohoooo!

Our offering from the Marshalls (in the middle of the Pacific) is a recent article in Pacific [...]

Check it out – the kite-proa

The Proa File Yahoo! Group has an interesting discussion around one member’s experimental kite-powered proa. It seems to be an interesting concept with kinks still enmeshed. The first post includes a link to some videos, which aren’t as dramatic as I had hoped. It isn’t clear how fast the boat was going, but it seems [...]

Great blog on proas – Proafile

Here’s another one I found via Gary Dierking at Outrigger Sailing Canoes: Proafile. Editor Michael Schacht seems to really know the topic and all sorts of useful content, such as a really good glossary and design information. This one is a keeper.

Nice YouTube video of a proa sailing in Miami

Interesting video of a proa sailing off Miami. Thanks to the Proa File International Yahoo! Group for noting this. I got to them via our old friend Gary Dierking at Outrigger Sailing Canoes in New Zealand.

A better look at the boat is here:


Cool sailing canoe from Papua New Guinea

Cool boats turn up in all kinds of places. This one turned up in a calendar I got from an ocean conservation project, Seas the Day, from The Ocean Project. We’ll ignore the pun, folks, because you found a great boat. This appears to be a double hull canoe of sorts, aka, a catamaran. That [...]