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Phil Bolger, 1927-2009 - A sad, sad loss for boat designPhil Bolger, 1927-2009 – A sad, sad loss for boat design

This is certainly the best design I ever made… When I come up for judgment and they stop me at the gate and ask, ‘What’s your excuse?’ I’ll tell them I designed the Gloucester Light Dory and they’ll have to let me in.

- Phil Bolger (taken from his obituary in the Boston Globe)


Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival LIVE! – DOH! Need a chase boat – or to get in a crew

I am sitting here watching the race from a distance and realizing a major mistake. I should have either tried to get on one of these boats by calling ahead or, barring that, should have brought my kayak with me. I could be out with the fleet right now. Instead of on a distant deck. [...]

A great honor for a great designer: Lifetime Achievement Award for Phil Bolger

It is as simple as this: say what you want about appearances, if you like messing about in small boats you have to regard Phil Bolger as a true boat design genius. And it isn’t like all of his work tilts to the purely practical. He did the Gloucester Light Dory. Period. Full Stop. ’nuff [...]

A second shout-out to Messing-About.comA second shout-out to

Many thanks to my new friends at, which I profiled a little while back. They immediately linked to my blog here upon request and sent a good number of visitors my way. Folks, I hope you enjoyed it and return again!

I do internet strategy stuff for a living and we often tell [...]

My first boat – a Gloucester Light Dory

I was 16 and she was a Gloucester Light Dory, which is just a gorgeous design. The lines are amazing and she was beautiful to row. I am particularly proud of the transom, which my dad helped me do with leftover mahogany and finish bright. Same with the breasthook.

Of course I was young [...]