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End of [short] era: PEACE OF THE PUZZLE moves on

Semi-momentus occasion here at Chine bLog HQ this AM as our Peace Canoe PEACE OF THE PUZZLE shipped out for good. She will be headed for safekeeping with our friends at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum awaiting their fundraising auction in the fall. She will then be sold to raise funds for the Museum. [...]

Quick update from the wooden boats of Chine bLog

Spring is springing here in metro-Washington, DC and the waters will soon be calling the fleet to them. I have been focused on the sailing rig for AL DEMANY CHIMAN, the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe. I gave a hint of this in a prior post. Since then, the sail arrived (yeah!) and it looks great. Its [...]

New paddling discovery – Mattaponi Creek, MD

I got out in the kayak last weekend for the first time in a few weeks and followed in my paddle strokes from our first and only outing in PEACE OF THE PUZZLE a couple weeks before that. The spot? Mattaponi Creek, off the Patuxent River in Maryland. The canoe trip served to discover this [...]

In print again! WoodenBoat features PEACE OF THE PUZZLE!

We are thrilled here at Chine bLog to announce that our efforts have again gotten us in the pages of WoodenBoat. PEACE OF THE PUZZLE made it into the Launchings column for this month’s issue (March/April, #201). Thank you much to the team there for selecting this boat!

The 2007 Peace Canoe project – an index

I decided it might be helpful for folks that are coming to see info about my Peace Canoe, PEACE OF THE PUZZLE, to have a little better overview page for the project. Below, therefore, please find a list of all the related posts, along with the topics covered.

Walking the walk – a wooden [...]

Second outing in PEACE OF THE PUZZLE a success

We had a nice second outing in PEACE OF THE PUZZLE on Sunday. We went down to Piscataway Creek in Maryland. Its a nice, protected spot, which, given a brisk Northwesterly, was a good thing. As it was, we pretty much had to come back into the teeth of it, but at least the water [...]

Some thoughts on the first paddle itself

Having shown off the boat, I wanted to jot down a few thoughts on our first paddle in PEACE OF THE PUZZLE. We had been doing a bit of sailing on the Potomac nearer to DC, and paddling in this creek, Kane’s Creek, was such a pleasure. It was clean! Kane’s Creek emerges from a [...]