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Congratulations, designer Paul Gartside

In combing “back issues” of my Google Alerts I noticed that our sometime mentor Paul Gartside got married recently. Even better, he met his bride at The WoodenBoat School and he wooed her sailing in their sweet collection of boats. Very cool. Belated congratulations, Paul!

“LiLo” – A 35′ racer-cruiser

As I have mentioned in the past, I have been screwing around with boat design stuff for many years (with a big lull in there when I lost my way). My inaugural post on this blog talked about the class I took at the design class I took at the WoodenBoat School. There I designed [...]

Great Designer – Paul Gartside

I mentioned Paul Gartside in the previous post. He is, by the way, a heck of a good designer. He has a great eye for traditional craft with just the right amount of working boat influence, in my mind.

Check out this one – 5.5 Metre Half-Decked Centerboard Gaff Cutter, Design #93 – sweet [...]

In praise of WoodenBoat

My inaugural blog posting gives a nice shout-out to the only logical choice: WoodenBoat Publications. Of course the core publication, WoodenBoat Magazine, is a gem, always my favorite read. But the really cool thing is the larger organization.

I am fascinated by organizations that have figured out how to create a “wrap-around” customer [...]