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The beautiful artwork of James Dodds

I am way behind on posting stuff and am trying to crawl out of it. One post come courtesy of my dad. Messum’s, and art gallery in London, had been selling the work of James Dodds. It looks like they are no longer, so I had to track the work down directly at Dodds’ own [...]

And that’s a wrap! The Peace Canoe is complete!

I have spent much of my free daylight hours over the last couple weeks putting paint on the Peace Canoe. Today, at about 10:30 AM local, I made some final touch-ups and called her done.

Obviously there are little things that make me cringe (that only I will likely notice, for the most [...]

Getting closer – ready to paint the Peace Canoe

And after a couple weeks of planing and sanding and one final clean-up, she is ready to paint. Voila!

I have also chosen the colors, not an easy task for me. She will look something like this:


Beautiful small boat artwork – from a great guy

I am pleased to be able to show off two great pieces of artwork that fans of this blog will surely enjoy:

The talented artist? That would be George Shaw. Name ring a bell? That would be my dad. Good stuff, eh? I believe the second boat is a Caledonia Yawl by Iain [...]

My ancestral tug

The holidays are a great time to learn about family odds and ends that you had never managed to pick up. I learned the other day that my great-grandfather ran the American Dredging Company for many years. I guess this outfit was a major marine contractor of its day. In 1932 the company purchased some [...]