Browse the Chine bLog Archives launch sites tool – please fill it out

Heads up: has a new, cool-looking tool that shows launch sites on a Google Map and allows you to add new ones. I will be taking a look and seeing if I can contribute; please yours too. This will be extremely valuable when built out.

“Cold Days on Lake Superior” – Week two of the Superior Waters Project Trip is Up

Check out entry two of the Superior Waters Project trip journal.

The Lake Superior Project – two kayakers take on gitche gumee

From our friends at comes this interesting tidbit: under the auspices of Wilderness Classroom Organization (WCO), two kayakers, Dave Freeman and Amy Voytilla, are circumnavigating Lake Superior in order to draw attention to its myriad assets and challenges. will apparently be running stories from the trip; the first one, with an [...]

Paddling.Net – a must-know resource for paddlers

I can’t say enough about Paddling.Net as a resource for canoers and kayakers. They have a good database of products (boats and accessories), an active classified area, a decent set of destination reports, a strong collection of photos, and a good e-newsletter. It’s a must-know for paddlers.