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The story of the last Pacific-crossing balsa raft

We turned on NPR‘s Morning Edition this morning just in time to catch the tail end of a story referencing a balsa raft in Australia tied to a historic voyage.Mental note made to look up the piece made, we went on with the day. The story was “Australia Celebrates A World-Record Ocean Crossing.” It tells [...]

Pacific Voyagers keep on voyaging, thank goodness!

Coming across the “wires” a couple months ago was news from the Dana Point (CA) Times that crews of Polynesians are still sailing traditional vakas – voyaging canoes – across the Pacfic using traditonal techniques. This was particularly interesting to me as a recently read Sailing in the Wake of the Ancestors: Reviving Polynesian Voyaging [...]

Awesome dugout outrigger canoes and other Pacific art – Tevita Kunato

We are feelin’ South Pacific here at Chine bLog. We have some sweet new tunes from Papua playing (Akave by George Telek) and just had the pleasure of discovering an amazing boatbuilder and artist. We found Tevita Kunato via our friend Gary Dierking over at Outrigger Sailing Canoes. Tevita Kunato is the business name for [...]

Trans-Pacific in a strip-built kayak

I found this piece from several months back (via My WoodenBoat of the Week) about a couple paddling from Phuket, Thailand to San Francisco via the Bering Sea. I concur with one other reader that it is a nicely-built Nick Shade design. Anyone heard tell of this voyage?

A long-overdue shout-out to Gary Dierking’s Outrigger Sailing Canoes Blog

I noticed a while ago that our friend Gary Dierking, the Kiwi outrigger maestro, has been running a blog to compliment and promote his work. Take this as a study in how well I am doing at keeping up on this blog these days – I am just now getting to an appreciation of this [...]

Very cool – a new finding at the National Museum of the American Indian

OK, call me thick if you will, but I had never noticed a cool feature of the National Museum of the American Indian here in Washington, DC. As I have mentioned before in a few posts, there as a small, but spectacular, collection of four native craft displayed in the main foyer of the museum: [...]

Traditional boats in the petri dish – understanding cultural evolution via canoe design

Nothing quite like an academic article on a Friday night to really get you going… and yet, its true. I just was reviewing a piece from a year ago in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. Deborah S. Rogers and Paul R. Ehrlich contributed the piece “Natural [...]

The first boats – they may be older – a lot older – than we think

It has been an exciting few weeks for anyone interested in the origins of boats and boating, as we are here at Chine bLog. It turns out that humans may have discovered the ways of the maritime life long before science generally believed. First, I read a great article in the next to last issue [...]

Sweet Hawaiian sailing canoes – The Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association

I came upon the site for the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association tonight. Mostly info about their race series, but they do have a nice photo gallery that is worth looking at. Looks like these boats absolutely fly – I need to try one.

Photo by Terry Galpin

Location: Hawaii, USA


More on proa racing in the Marshall Islands – videos on YouTube

Location: Majuro, Marshall Islands

The other night, I added a post about the return of proa racing to the Marshall Islands. Don’t you know, then, that days later, we now have some video of the 2001 races. “aqlunafoo” added a post to the Proa-file yahoo group with four interesting videos. Many thanks!

Here are some [...]