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Great skin-on-frame kayaks and more – Cape Falcon Kayak

In recent months I have again been diving, at least in thought, into the world of skin-on-frame boats. I had pulled out my copy of Building Skin- On-Frame Boats by Robert Morris (discussed here in 2006) and been flipping through it at bedtime. That got me thinking about looking for supplies… just in case… And [...]

The Center for Wooden Boats – Part 2: Real Haida dugout canoes!

Hopefully you enjoyed my last post on my first rental experience at the the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. Let me now step back to some of the other treasures I saw there.

I thought they might have a Haida dugout canoe there, and I was itching to see a real [...]

Traditional boat lovers are in the house! Welcome Indigenous Boats!

Our good friend Gavin over at has score another great find. Thanks muchly, Gavin, for introducing us to Bob Holtzman and his new (I take it) blog “Indigenous Boats – Small Craft Outside the Western Tradition.” All of a sudden we find our selves with lots of company here, but heck, if it helps [...]

Roger Fletcher and the river boats of the American West

There is logic to this, but I won’t get into it. Suffice it to say that I had recently been thinking about the wooden dories and river boats indigenous to the American West. I don’t know much about these boats and have never been in one, so I don’t think about them much (of [...]

Useful site devoted to native Canadian watercraft

I found this last night:’s section on watercraft built by Canada’s First Nations People. For a web-based resource, it appears to have a nice overview of some traditional boats. I find these dugouts in particular to be quite lovely.

It also covers kayaks, umiaks, birchbarks, and other flavors of dugout. Seems [...]