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The Center for Wooden Boats – Part 1: Sailing the Cape Ann Dory Q’ONA

I was in Seattle for business last week, which allowed me to make a pilgrimage to the Center for Wooden Boats, a place so cool I cannot contain it to a single post, nor even two. In fact, friends, a roughly two-and-a half-hour visit gave me four interesting posts to lay out for you. [...]

A great honor for a great designer: Lifetime Achievement Award for Phil Bolger

It is as simple as this: say what you want about appearances, if you like messing about in small boats you have to regard Phil Bolger as a true boat design genius. And it isn’t like all of his work tilts to the purely practical. He did the Gloucester Light Dory. Period. Full Stop. ’nuff [...]

Excellent paddling – Summer vacation at Cuttyhunk Island

Ah, and so comes to an end our Summer vacation, but what a good one it was. Highlights included some excellent paddling, as seen in the pictures below:

You can also see these plotted on a map.

Massachusetts may pass a kayak safety law

I was interested to see Sweet Home Massachusetts may soon have a kayak safety law. According to this article:

Kayakers would be required to wear life jackets and be equipped with a compass and whistle under a kayaking safety bill moving through the Legislature.

The measure, which passed the House this week, would also require [...]