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New paddling discovery – Mattaponi Creek, MD

I got out in the kayak last weekend for the first time in a few weeks and followed in my paddle strokes from our first and only outing in PEACE OF THE PUZZLE a couple weeks before that. The spot? Mattaponi Creek, off the Patuxent River in Maryland. The canoe trip served to discover this [...]

A great morning of paddling at Piscataway Creek, MD

I was able to get out on the water this AM, which was, needless to say, a very good thing. I set my kayak in Piscataway Creek, MD, a Potomac tributary several miles downriver from DC. I’ve been there a few times and am always impressed with it. I dropped the boat in the [...]

Second outing in PEACE OF THE PUZZLE a success

We had a nice second outing in PEACE OF THE PUZZLE on Sunday. We went down to Piscataway Creek in Maryland. Its a nice, protected spot, which, given a brisk Northwesterly, was a good thing. As it was, we pretty much had to come back into the teeth of it, but at least the water [...]

Latest on the warm, brown Chesapeake

I read with interest Angus Phillips’ piece in Sunday’s Washington Post about the masses of sediment that deluge the Chesapeake during rain storm like we’ve had here recently. He writes:

Is the Chesapeake turning into a dead mud hole? Every year it seems to get worse, and it’s not just my imagination. “It’s becoming way [...]