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Possible faering kit from Chesapeake Light Craft – do it!

Chesapeake Light Craft’s John Harris had a great blog post a bit back on two faering designs he developed. The post gives a good overview of these lovely Scandinavian working boats, but the thrust of the piece is that John designed his own faering for stitch-and-glue construction.

At the moment, plans to make a [...]

Excellent article on lug rigs by CLC’s John C. Harris

John Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft recently published a nice piece, “Lug Nuts,” on the virtues and characteristics of the lug rig. I’d recommend it for anyone picking a sail for a small boat (or selecting a boat to acquire.

Final story from the 2011 Mid-Atantic Small Craft Festival – John Harris in the cocktail class racer

Toward the end of the day Saturday, I happened to be on hand when John Harris, father of Chesapeake Light Craft, took a spin in one of the two cocktail class racers that were about. For those who don’t know, these boats are 8′ plywood outboard boats that barely hold a single man. They go [...]

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival LIVE! – Test-driving some Chesapeake Light Craft boats

I just test-drove three Chesapeake Light Craft boats: a Wood Duck 12 Hybrid kayak, a Chester Yawl pulling boat, and an Annapolis Wherry. You may recall I have written about them before. I really like what they are doing.

The Wood Duck is a pretty little kayak (the hybrid refers to it being part [...]

And that’s a wrap! The Peace Canoe is complete!

I have spent much of my free daylight hours over the last couple weeks putting paint on the Peace Canoe. Today, at about 10:30 AM local, I made some final touch-ups and called her done.

Obviously there are little things that make me cringe (that only I will likely notice, for the most [...]

Walking the walk – a wooden boat (Peace Canoe) for Chine bLog!

So here is the situation: as I have mentioned I have a family with small children. I get to go out in my kayak sometimes, but if we had our own boat, I would get out much more because it can be a family activity. Rentals are possible, but leave things to chance (availability) and [...]

Hmmm – Guillemot Kayak / Chesapeake Light Craft partnership

I see in Nick Shade’s blog that he has been talking to Chesapeake Light Craft about partnering on a sit-on-top boat. Interesting alliance. Nick seems to be playing with downmarket options (not meant to be pejorative – I speak in terms of access for builders) and CLC probably needs some fresh ideas. I wonder if [...]

An important player: Chesapeake Light Craft

I found myself thinking about Chesapeake Light Craft recently. Here is an organization that is bringing good-looking wooden boats – and boatbuilding – to a wider audience but marketing an array of kits. How can I not love this idea? There boats are mostly plywood stitch & glue deals, and the results are good, if [...]