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Very cool – a new finding at the National Museum of the American Indian

OK, call me thick if you will, but I had never noticed a cool feature of the National Museum of the American Indian here in Washington, DC. As I have mentioned before in a few posts, there as a small, but spectacular, collection of four native craft displayed in the main foyer of the museum: [...]

Skin-on-frame boat treat – Inuit kayak and Ojibwe birch bark canoe

I was able to get in a quick peek at the National Museum of the American Indian, which keeps a few traditional boats in its rotunda. I have written about the semi-traditional Inuit kayak before, but I didn’t have a shot of the completed boat. Here she is.

The boat is pretty and definitely [...]

Traditional paddling clothing – before you buy your next dry-suit…

Fascinating short article from regarding ancient kayak clothing. I think the author’s opening says it best:

Imagine kayaking in the unforgiving North Pacific Ocean, where on even a warm day, the water temperature rarely gets above fifty degrees? Imagine paddling without the luxury of neoprene, coated nylon or synthetic fabric of any kind? [...]

Inuit skin-on-frame kayak building at ASF

Among the cooler things Alexandria Seaport Foundation did recently was to host two boatbuilders from Nunavut in Canada.

They led the building of two skin-on-frame kayaks. The results were incredible. The were fairly authentic in construction, though they used nylon for lashing and skin and the wood wasn’t exactly hewn driftwood. They were amazing, though [...]