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Unbelievably amazing traditional boat resource from Italy

Big hat-tip here to our friend Carl Cramer, publisher of Wooden Boat and author of its My Wooden Boat of the Week blog – his entry today, drawings of Indonesian outrigger canoes, was great in-and-of itself. Carl was, though, good enough to provide the source site, a resource from Italy which can be roughly (per [...]

Final Tim Severin book reviews: “The Ulysses Voyage” and “The Spice Islands Voyage”

I wrote recently a couple of reviews of books by Tim Severin and promised a couple more. Well, behold.

As I noted in the prior post, Severin took a few months off after his exploration of the history behind the Jason and the Argonauts story and the returned to Turkey with the same galley he [...]

Jukungs from Bali – hot off the memory card

Many thanks to our friend Michaela Hackner who is en route home from Bali and somehow found time during a 9-hour layover in Tokyo to send us her picture of Balinese jukungs lying shoreside. My guess is that these serve the tourist trade, but they look authentic enough to call them the real deal.


More on Indonesian Jukungs – a great piece on the “protolateen” rigs by Indigenous Boats

Its not fair. We would love to have really deep, informative stuff here at Chine bLog, but we never have time. Our pal Bob at Indigenous Boats manages to do crazy stuff like read books, so so I find myself needing to just point to his blog. And point I must, because he has tacked [...]

Another traditional Asian fishing boat we love – Jukungs of Bali

Speaking of boats with great, but arguably impractical, ends, I raise the Balinese Jukung, a double-outrigger sailing canoe (lateen rigged) with a unique bow (thanks to Wikipedia for the image). Bob over at Indigenous Boats did a nice post on Jukungs last year, but they have been on my radar for a while. This [...]