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’round the blogs – great stuff from elsewhere in the traditional boat blogosphere

It has been far too long (we do I always find myself starting this way? SIGH) since we here at Chine bLog highlighted the great posts others have offered the world regarding wooden / traditional boats. Yes, believe it or not, Chine bLog is NOT the only source. Really. It’s true. If you haven’t discovered [...]

More on Indonesian Jukungs – a great piece on the “protolateen” rigs by Indigenous Boats

Its not fair. We would love to have really deep, informative stuff here at Chine bLog, but we never have time. Our pal Bob at Indigenous Boats manages to do crazy stuff like read books, so so I find myself needing to just point to his blog. And point I must, because he has tacked [...]

Another traditional Asian fishing boat we love – Jukungs of Bali

Speaking of boats with great, but arguably impractical, ends, I raise the Balinese Jukung, a double-outrigger sailing canoe (lateen rigged) with a unique bow (thanks to Wikipedia for the image). Bob over at Indigenous Boats did a nice post on Jukungs last year, but they have been on my radar for a while. This [...]

The first boats – they may be older – a lot older – than we think

It has been an exciting few weeks for anyone interested in the origins of boats and boating, as we are here at Chine bLog. It turns out that humans may have discovered the ways of the maritime life long before science generally believed. First, I read a great article in the next to last issue [...]

Great posts on Brazilian Jangadas by Indigenous Boats

Jangadas from Wikipedia via Indigenous Boats

Many thanks to our friend Bob Holtzman over at Indigenous Boats for his nice posts on Brazilian Jangadas, traditional craft from Northeastern Brazil. I encourage you to read both: one and two. I am digging this blog – great substance here:

It is a sailing raft built of [...]

Traditional boat lovers are in the house! Welcome Indigenous Boats!

Our good friend Gavin over at has score another great find. Thanks muchly, Gavin, for introducing us to Bob Holtzman and his new (I take it) blog “Indigenous Boats – Small Craft Outside the Western Tradition.” All of a sudden we find our selves with lots of company here, but heck, if it helps [...]