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Memories Dept. – the check that kicked off my boatbuilding

One more on checks I turned up during our clean-out. Here is the check I wrote to the late Harold “Dynamite” Payson for the building manual for my first boat, the Gloucester Light Dory. Pretty momentous purchase right there.

If anyone is looking to build this great boat, Payson’s book is invaluable. Just get [...]

RIP wooden boat builder Harold “Dynamite” Payson

We here at Chine bLog were sad to hear the news earlier this week of the passing of Harold “Dynamite” Payson. If the late, great Phil Bolger deserved eternal bliss for designing the Gloucester Light Dory, Dynamite Payson deserves the same for making the great design so accessible. Dynamite Payson literally wrote the book on [...]

Phil Bolger, 1927-2009 - A sad, sad loss for boat designPhil Bolger, 1927-2009 – A sad, sad loss for boat design

This is certainly the best design I ever made… When I come up for judgment and they stop me at the gate and ask, ‘What’s your excuse?’ I’ll tell them I designed the Gloucester Light Dory and they’ll have to let me in.

- Phil Bolger (taken from his obituary in the Boston Globe)


Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival LIVE! – My collected pictures

Here are most of the other pictures I took at the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival.

A great honor for a great designer: Lifetime Achievement Award for Phil Bolger

It is as simple as this: say what you want about appearances, if you like messing about in small boats you have to regard Phil Bolger as a true boat design genius. And it isn’t like all of his work tilts to the purely practical. He did the Gloucester Light Dory. Period. Full Stop. ’nuff [...]

My first boat – a Gloucester Light Dory

I was 16 and she was a Gloucester Light Dory, which is just a gorgeous design. The lines are amazing and she was beautiful to row. I am particularly proud of the transom, which my dad helped me do with leftover mahogany and finish bright. Same with the breasthook.

Of course I was young [...]