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New from Gary Dierking – a junk rig on an outrigger canoe

Gary Dierking down in New Zealand has been trying a junk rig on one of his tacking outriggers. There is a nice post, with video, of it up now.

A long-overdue shout-out to Gary Dierking’s Outrigger Sailing Canoes Blog

I noticed a while ago that our friend Gary Dierking, the Kiwi outrigger maestro, has been running a blog to compliment and promote his work. Take this as a study in how well I am doing at keeping up on this blog these days – I am just now getting to an appreciation of this [...]

Rediscovering Never Sea Land and its ULUA in progress

I have written before (with admiration) of Gary Dierking’s ULUA, a sailing outrigger canoe. I recently noticed a comment from David over at Never Sea Land, one of Chine bLog’s sister blogs in this space. It turns out he is building an ULUA, and is blogging about it. This category is also interspersed with a [...]

Great blog on proas – Proafile

Here’s another one I found via Gary Dierking at Outrigger Sailing Canoes: Proafile. Editor Michael Schacht seems to really know the topic and all sorts of useful content, such as a really good glossary and design information. This one is a keeper.

Polynesia in Switzerland – one builder’s nice work on Ulua

Paul Luginbuhl, who, I believe, is Swiss, posted a nice photo album of his project building Ulua, the outrigger canoe I profiled a little while back.

This would be a good site to keep handy if anyone is building one themselves. The designer, Gary Dierking, has posted some other nice photos of completed ones [...]

Ulua, a great-looking sailing outrigger canoe from New Zealand

Ulua is a lovely sailing outrigger canoe from New Zealand (a nice fit, given that NZ is the southern tip of the Polynesian Triangle). She has excellent authentic features, especially at the ends. The rig also evokes her heritage, though I am curious about how well it performs. She was designed by Gary Dierking, [...]