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Achingly beautiful cutter and more Friendship Sloops

Double-down on Friendship Sloops – with which we have no problem – because Great Harbor Boatworks posted a nice set from the Southwest Harbor Friendship Sloop Race on its Facebook page (thanks to Thomas Armstrong of 70.8% for the share). The lead-off boat in the photo album is the one below, which is a cutter [...]

Sweet Friendship Sloop photo

Here’s another image courtesy of of Facebook, this one on the WoodenBoat Facebook page: two lovely Friendship Sloops, with full sails set, racing (I believe) at one of last year’s Friendship Sloop Society events. Just amazing boats. Ultimate photo credit, I believe, goes to the Friendship Sloop Society, to which I need to pay more [...]

A new fusion of tradition design sketch – “Friendship Slumiak”

I had a couple management meetings this week that provided for doodling space. I have been thinking about a larger skin-on-frame craft ad that led me to umiaks. The name then came to me and so a boat needed to come of it: an umiak-construction hull with lines and rig evoking that classiest of [...]

Proudly presenting the traditional boat designs of Klaus Schmitt

We at Chine bLog were humbled recently by an unsolicited request to post a set of traditional boat design sketches. It wasn’t clear what the requester meant, but he was speaking our language, so we asked for more details. What came back is what we expect to the tip of a lovely iceberg. The designer [...]

Friendship Sloop chatter in the blogosphere

Courtesy of Gavin over at intheboatshed and his recent discovery of YouTube [ ;^) ], we now see that Ted at Dovetails has posted a nice video of his Friendship Sloop sailing in a brisk Westerly off mid-coast Maine. The page includes some nice profile drawings and photos as well – its a heck of [...]

Many thanks to WoodenBoat for the recent plug

So I was merrily flipping through the latest issue of WoodenBoat recently when I turned the page and was greeted by an article entitled “Boat Blogs.” Great, I thought, glad to see they are covering this… but what are the chances… Well, lo and behold, they we are – Chine bLog making the pages of [...]

My ancestral tug

The holidays are a great time to learn about family odds and ends that you had never managed to pick up. I learned the other day that my great-grandfather ran the American Dredging Company for many years. I guess this outfit was a major marine contractor of its day. In 1932 the company purchased some [...]