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Four great new boats from the desk of Klaus Schmitt

Our friend Klaus Schmitt wrote again with four new boats showing his delightful ability to blend traditional workboats and yachts. This collection includes a sweet little cruiser he calls “34′ Double-ender,” a catboat done for a friend called KAT (quick: guess the friend’s name!), a tug-yacht and a trawler-yacht. Great, great stuff, as always.


After too long – more fantastic, classic boat designs from the collection of Klaus Schmitt

Several months ago, we were honored, here at Chine bLog, to post two sets of designs by an amateur designer named Klaus Schmitt (post 1 and post 2). Recently we were excited-as-all-get-out to have a guy contact us looking for Klaus’s info. Yes, Chine bLog generated a well-deserved lead. It turns out we have been [...]

Sustainable whaling in traditional boats: “In Search Of Moby Dick” by Tim Severin

I have written about Tim Severin a few times, always with admiration and excitement. I had noticed one of his newer books, In Search of Moby Dick: The Quest for the White Whale, in the library and had passed on it, thinking it less interesting. I was wrong.

Severin aims to track down the [...]

Check out Kiva and help boat-related businesses

We just went back to the microlending site Kiva for the first time in a bit. There were a couple of good maritime businesses we supported.

Rodello Dingal

Oseas Acuña


Traditional and/or interesting boats of the Dalmatian coast, Croatia

So my blogging has fallen off a bit this spring, eh? Never fear, I haven’t gone away – I’ve just been engaged in another project. But that’s a different post.

My parents recently took an Elderhostel trip to the Dalmatian coast, Croatia. They loved the trip and it looks as lovely as I have heard [...]

Welcome to two nice new blogs from Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Our friends over at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum have been busy. They have launched two new blogs to highlight the activity on their working waterfront. The Apprentice for a Day blog highlights that program, in which we at Chine bLog have been proud and happy participants. There are some pictures of the building, but [...]

Traditional boats of Spain and great adventures: The Invisible Workshop

Gavin over at intheboatshed pointed us to The Invisible Workshop, a nice blog run by a Brit living in Catalonia, Spain. The author, Ben, built a boat, ONAWIND BLUE, to Gavin’s Light Trow design. Ben seems to camp-cruise the boat around the Western Mediterranean. We are eager to understand how he has formed this [...]

More on Indonesian Jukungs – a great piece on the “protolateen” rigs by Indigenous Boats

Its not fair. We would love to have really deep, informative stuff here at Chine bLog, but we never have time. Our pal Bob at Indigenous Boats manages to do crazy stuff like read books, so so I find myself needing to just point to his blog. And point I must, because he has tacked [...]

Another traditional Asian fishing boat we love – Jukungs of Bali

Speaking of boats with great, but arguably impractical, ends, I raise the Balinese Jukung, a double-outrigger sailing canoe (lateen rigged) with a unique bow (thanks to Wikipedia for the image). Bob over at Indigenous Boats did a nice post on Jukungs last year, but they have been on my radar for a while. This [...]

The beautiful rowed fishing canoes of Orchid Island

Others have picked up on the post by Caro’s Choice about the launch of a new canoe on Lanyu, or Orchid Island, off Taiwan. I had to pile on because these are some amazing-looking boats.

They are 10-seat rowing canoes with flared sides and elaborate carving / painting. Oh, and the ends are [...]