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Nice piece on boatbuilding helping troubled youth

I came across this piece in the Stamford Advocate on the Philadelphia Wooden Boat Factory’s Boat, Build and Sail program. An excerpt:

Boat, Build and Sail is a free, after-school, 13-week program each semester in which groups of 10 to 12 construct a wooden boat. Youths 12 to 18 go to the factory in Frankford [...]

Alexandria Seaport Foundation’s Potomac River Dory Boat project

Our local wooden boat education and youth development program, the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, is launching an effort to build two Potomac River Dory Boats. The boats will be built by the apprentices and the community and used for a broad array of educational initiatives. Here is a nice introduction (in a somewhat large Flash file).


Another skin-on-frame resource: The Berkshire Boat Building School

Just a quick note to call out another skin-on-frame resource: The Berkshire Boat Building School. They seem to build a couple nice-looking canoes and rowing boats and offer kits and classes. Worth checking out further.

Welcome to two nice new blogs from Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Our friends over at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum have been busy. They have launched two new blogs to highlight the activity on their working waterfront. The Apprentice for a Day blog highlights that program, in which we at Chine bLog have been proud and happy participants. There are some pictures of the building, but [...]

The Center for Wooden Boats – Part 4: Other available boats and some thoughts on livery services

So once more, for now, to the Center for Wooden Boats, getting back the the livery service, from which I got a nice sail in the Cape Ann dory Q’ONA. The service offers both oar- and sail-powered boats in a variety of sizes. I few more I liked:

Lake Oswego Boat The original 60-year-old [...]

The Center for Wooden Boats – Part 3: Build a sweet baidarka

My very first finding at the Center for Wooden Boats, even before my Cape Ann dory sail and my close-up with Haida dugout canoes, was the biggest surprise. I walked into the Center and was immediately confronted by a few folks working away on some skin-on-frame Aleut baidarkas. It sure looked like a class, [...]

Hooking them early – boatbuilding with my son’s preschool class

My son is in a coop preschool, so the parents rotate being in the classroom helping out. My wife had been doing it all Fall, but after her January session I decided I would take a turn. I also decided to bring a little of that Chine bLog style to the class. What better interest [...]

Greg Rossel recognized for his efforts to teach kids the art of wooden boat building

A quick call out to an article in the Morning Sentinel newspaper (of Maine) about boatbuilder / boatbuilding teacher / author Greg Rossel teaching a group of kids how to build wooden boats. I am always a fan of efforts to bring the next generation into the fold of wooden boat builders and afficianados, so [...]

Maine needs boatbuilders

A business contact of mine pointed me to an interesting article in USA Today – no, really, USA Today – on the shortage of boatbuilders in Maine. Apparently there are a number of factors driving the trend, but it threatens one of the hotbeds of boatbuilding – especially the classic kind we like here at [...]

A good time to support Alexandria Seaport Foundation

I have written in the past about the Alexandria Seaport Foundation. I love this organization. They are currently building their endowment and have a commitment from the Ohrstrom Foundation to match donations. Think about supporting them now.