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Unbelievably amazing traditional boat resource from Italy

Big hat-tip here to our friend Carl Cramer, publisher of Wooden Boat and author of its My Wooden Boat of the Week blog – his entry today, drawings of Indonesian outrigger canoes, was great in-and-of itself. Carl was, though, good enough to provide the source site, a resource from Italy which can be roughly (per [...]

Humanity’s Vessel: a new project that is as exciting as it is envy-inducing

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbour’s. (Exodus 20:17)

So that final phrase is fairly open-ended, but is thy neighbor’s Watson Fellowship covered? Because if it is, we’re screwed. We say this after receiving an email [...]

Awesome dugout outrigger canoes and other Pacific art – Tevita Kunato

We are feelin’ South Pacific here at Chine bLog. We have some sweet new tunes from Papua playing (Akave by George Telek) and just had the pleasure of discovering an amazing boatbuilder and artist. We found Tevita Kunato via our friend Gary Dierking over at Outrigger Sailing Canoes. Tevita Kunato is the business name for [...]

’round the blogs – great stuff from elsewhere in the traditional boat blogosphere

It has been far too long (we do I always find myself starting this way? SIGH) since we here at Chine bLog highlighted the great posts others have offered the world regarding wooden / traditional boats. Yes, believe it or not, Chine bLog is NOT the only source. Really. It’s true. If you haven’t discovered [...]

Sustainable whaling in traditional boats: “In Search Of Moby Dick” by Tim Severin

I have written about Tim Severin a few times, always with admiration and excitement. I had noticed one of his newer books, In Search of Moby Dick: The Quest for the White Whale, in the library and had passed on it, thinking it less interesting. I was wrong.

Severin aims to track down the [...]

Catching up with the traditional boat blogosphere – recent stuff from some peers

I have so engaged in designing and building that I haven’t been on the computer as much in the PMs. I have clearly been missing out on what some of our traditional boat peeps have been putting up. In case you missed it directly, here is some stuff to check out:

Indigenous Boats Bob over [...]

More new stuff at the National Museum of the American Indian

The second highlight of our recent revisit to the National Museum of the American Indian began as we entered the grounds. I looked up and saw a series fo decorated canoe paddles in an upper-story window. “Must get to that spot” I thought.

Without much trouble we found them in a resource area. Through [...]

The Center for Wooden Boats – Part 2: Real Haida dugout canoes!

Hopefully you enjoyed my last post on my first rental experience at the the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle. Let me now step back to some of the other treasures I saw there.

I thought they might have a Haida dugout canoe there, and I was itching to see a real [...]

Traditional boat lovers are in the house! Welcome Indigenous Boats!

Our good friend Gavin over at has score another great find. Thanks muchly, Gavin, for introducing us to Bob Holtzman and his new (I take it) blog “Indigenous Boats – Small Craft Outside the Western Tradition.” All of a sudden we find our selves with lots of company here, but heck, if it helps [...]

Dugout canoe from the Congo River basin

One of my favorite web sites is that for the African Wildlife Foundation (full disclosure: it was designed and build by my company, Forum One Communications). It is packed full of gorgeous images, but I kept running into one that stuck with me, for obvious reasons.

This, my friends, is a lovely dugout canoe [...]