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Sawed? Chiseled? Just for fun, a wooden boat answer to Food Network’s “Chopped”

We here at Chine bLog are decidedly down on most of what comes across the cable wire these days as TV programming. I realize that, with the Charlie Sheen show fresh on our minds, this is hardly a brave statement. I say it, however, to distinguish from the pack of schlock one program I really [...]

New design challenge from WoodenBoat and Professional BoatBuilder

I like that our friends at WoodenBoat and Professional BoatBuilder have launched the third in their series of design challenges. This one is inspired by the burgeoning raid movement and asks for a “fast expedition sailboat.” It must be a new design after September 1, 2010 and is due on April 29, 2011. The boat [...]

Two contests of note – please check these out

Two quick notes on contests, one germane to this blog and one which is shameless, self-serving promotion (but a good cause nonetheless). We’ll get the latter in first. My company, Forum One Communications, has entered the Sunlight Foundation’s Apps for America 2 contest. Our entry is called DataMasher, and it lets you relate government data [...]

A cool design contest from WoodenBoat

I have seen a couple design contests around. I love these. WoodenBoat has a challenge out now. It asks for a small power boat with low fuel use, a response to the rising costs of boating. Here are the specs:

16’6” to 18’6” overall length, stem to stern (transom) 25-hp maximum power Must burn less [...]