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Lovely sprit cat ketch

This is why we love the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival.

’round the blogs – great stuff from elsewhere in the traditional boat blogosphere

It has been far too long (we do I always find myself starting this way? SIGH) since we here at Chine bLog highlighted the great posts others have offered the world regarding wooden / traditional boats. Yes, believe it or not, Chine bLog is NOT the only source. Really. It’s true. If you haven’t discovered [...]

Iain Oughtred kits available

I noted recently that Jordan Boats in the UK has started producing Iain Oughtred design kits. They have licensed the patterns to Hewes & Company of Maine in North America. I am guessing that this a quality kits, though they are for experienced builders (no materials provided other than the cut lumber). Even so, this [...]

The people are speaking: time to publish Wayfarer Dinghy plans

We realized that we have been running this blog for over four years now. This is the second iteration of it, as of last Winter, so our analytics are incomplete. It is the case for the last several months, however, – and we promise that it has basically always been the case – that one [...]

I built another boat! OK, I was just ribbing…

Call it a two-fer. I have been doing the Apprentice for a Day program at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. I thought my Dad would enjoy it as well, I gave him a day of it for Christmas. Of course I had to join him. So he got to check it out, I scratched my [...]

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in review – Iain Oughtred’s Caledonia Yawl

I have mentioned the presence of one of Iain Oughtred’s Caledonia Yawls at the festival. I had previously only seen the design in pictures and it was a thrill to get a up-close-and-personal with the boat, one of my favorite designs. This one is REBECCA ANN, built by Geoff Kerr in 2002 and owned [...]

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival LIVE! – My collected pictures

Here are most of the other pictures I took at the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival.

On the water at the Center for Wooden Boats: Lake Oswego Boat and Wood’s Hole Sprit Boat

Some “shuckie darns” business travel recently: back to Seattle, which means, yes, more visits to the Center for Wooden Boats, which I praised a bit back. I got in two visits and availed myself of a row and a sail. Both were great.

It had been a long time – a frighteningly [...]

The Center for Wooden Boats – Part 1: Sailing the Cape Ann Dory Q’ONA

I was in Seattle for business last week, which allowed me to make a pilgrimage to the Center for Wooden Boats, a place so cool I cannot contain it to a single post, nor even two. In fact, friends, a roughly two-and-a half-hour visit gave me four interesting posts to lay out for you. [...]

Doing a sail-plan? You need to read Tom Jackson’s latest in WoodenBoat

I read an article last night that prompted me to reflect on how I rate the value of a magazine article. One could imagine a star system, like those for restaurant, movie, or record reviews. Zero stars means that, at best, the article gave me nothing – no entertainment, no new knowledge, no nuggets [...]