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A mentor passes: remembering Wye Garfield

I am flying the flags at half-staff here at Chine bLog for the passing of Wyatt “Wye” Garfield on August 4th. Wye was a fixture on Cuttyhunk Island, one of my main vacation spots and a place that has surfaced many times on this blog. He was an island leader, a key member of [...]

Boats we found on vacation at Cuttyhunk Island, MA

We here at Chine bLog are just getting back into the grind after a nice vacation at our fave port, Cuttyhunk Island, MA. We got in some good paddles in the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe, AL DEMANY CHIMAN, and, along the way, key our shutter ready for interesting craft that were also there. There were several [...]

Cuttyhunk for Memorial Day – boats, but no boating

I got out to Cuttyhunk Island for Memorial Day to open the house there. No boats to play with, but I did get a chance to snap a few pics. Enjoy!

Excellent paddling – Summer vacation at Cuttyhunk Island

Ah, and so comes to an end our Summer vacation, but what a good one it was. Highlights included some excellent paddling, as seen in the pictures below:

You can also see these plotted on a map.

More from Cuttyhunk – treats in the harbor

One nice thing about knocking around Cuttyhunk is that there are usually a modest number of boats worth ogling. Here are a few choice ones from the trip:

Boat of the Trip Award: GODSPEED from Mason, NH

And now we have the one we’ve all been waiting for (trust me, you were waiting for it): the Boat of the Trip Award, given periodically to that vessel that best encompasses the ideals of Chine bLog. And the winner is: GODSPEED, from Mason, NH! [Mad applause]

I am not very good with eyeballing [...]

Cuttyhunk Yacht Club

Of course no discussion of Cuttyhunk would be complete without a shout-out to my beloved Cuttyhunk Yacht Club. Pipe down – it isn’t a yacht club like you think about – the main building is a garage with college-kid-Summer-dive appartment above it [having lived there for three Summers, I can tell you it is [...]

Cuttyhunk Island

I imagine everyone who loves boats and boating has a patch of water that eclipses all others. You love the views, you know the intricacies of the shore, you just “get” the rhythms of the winds and waves. For me, that spot is Cuttyhunk Island, MA.

Cuttyhunk is not only where I [...]