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And now: a row about curragh events

I took the afternoon off to get AL DEMANY CHIMAN sailing again – I’m still tinkering with the leeboard and steering – expecting I’d have a peaceful outing in light airs of Pohick Bay, VA. I had that, but I also got a pleasant, unexpected surprise. As I was launching, I glanced out and saw [...]

Design idea – ~30′-ish canoe yawl

I doodle in meetings. A lot. Occasionally, I’ll get inspired and an interesting boat idea emerges. As is my way, I am typically trying to blend traditional design characteristics in some sort of fusion. I have a few saved on scraps of paper, and its high time I started sharing them. Comments are, of course, [...]

Fantastic read: Tim Severin’s “The Brendan Voyage”

Last Winter we finally read one of Tim Severin’s books, The China Voyage: Across The Pacific By Bamboo Raft and posted some reactions, all positive. One of our friends said, at the time, that if we liked that book, Severin’s The Brendan Voyage: Across the Atlantic in a Leather Boat was better still. Well, [...]