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More from Chesapeake Bay Maritme Musuem – two-masted crabbing skiff still for sale

I was pleased to be able to at least see a picture of the two-masted crabbing skiff I worked on last year during my Apprentice for a Day stint at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. Here she is, and she is still for sale. A bargain at $10,500. This boat would be a wonderful, solid [...]

Making sawdust again, part IV – a mast and its partner

And so, it came, my last of four trips out to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s Apprentice for a Day program. What a great experience it has been – I can’t wait until life’s other demands allow me time to head out there again.

The boat is coming along well. The frames and deck knees [...]

Making sawdust again, part III – Of deck knees and a centerboard

Geez – it has been too long. Apologies to my loyal readers – yeah, you three – for keeping you hanging. Last weekend brought me back to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s for another installment of the Apprentice for a Day program. And a great day it was.

The boat has come along [...]

Making sawdust again, part II – I was framed!

Yesterday was another gorgeous day, with a light breeze and a clear sky. Chesapeake Bay looked gorgeous, shimmering below me, as a crossed it on the Bay Bridge, headed East again for another day with Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s Apprentice for a Day program. Last week had whetted my appetite; yesterday I was hungry, though. [...]

Making sawdust again – apprenticing at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

As my regular readers know (you know who you three are), I am longer on boat building desire than I am on facilities and time to actually do it. Ergo, I blog… That all changed today, however, and will again three out of the next four weekends. Courtesy of a thoughtful Christmas gift from Mrs. [...]