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2011 Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival – the complete pictures

I wanted to get these pictures of the 2011 Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival up right away; I’ll be adding captions soon.

[UPDATE] Captions are now on there. I encourage you to browse through. There were some AMAZING AMAZING boats there. I’d highlight the sailing canoe SEVEN STARS, the Melonseeds, the sailing canoe in pictures [...]

Two videos from WoodenBoat that are worth checking out.

WoodenBoat apparently stumbled across a reason to do a couple videos recently. Both are well done – short, well-edited, and highly relevant and interesting. The first features Doug Hylan of D. N. Hylan & Associates (also featured in my prior post on N. G. Herreshoff’s COQUINA) talking about L. Francis Herreshoff’s QUIET TUNE. It nicely [...]

COQUINA by Cap’n Nat

So that sweet daysailer I reference turns out to be COQUINA, one of N. G. Herreshoff’s personally prized works (it seems he might have used it more than any other). She is pretty sweet and definitely looks like a boat to have adventures in. I will definitely be using this as inspiration in the not [...]

Sweet Herreshoff as cover story in latest WoodenBoat

There is a really sweet Herreshoff cat ketch featured as the cover story for this month’s Wooden Boat. I haven’t read the piece yet, but look forward to doing so. The cover sure is captivating…

WoodenBoat’s site has more info about the issue, and, since I am already talking them up, I might [...]