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The Peace Canoe gets seats and gets closer to full sides

Voila, the seats are ready. I have been working on them at night or during glue cures, and they have come along well. Here is the middle one. The plans specify cut-outs on the ends of the seats; I added my own flavor of these cut-outs.

I have also installed both chine logs, and [...]

More on the Peace Canoe – scarfing sheer clamps and chine logs

While I wait on the plywood I have been preparing the sheer clamps and chine logs, which I took out of 10′ and 12′ 1x. I thus have had to – and the write-up in Getting Started in Boats assumes this – scarf pieces together for these fore-and-aft members. I am not a very steady [...]

Beginning work on the Peace Canoe

I have begun gathering the lumber and hardware for the Peace Canoe project. It is, by the way, AMAZINGLY difficult to find appropriate plywood. Even specialty places around here – and while we are not a maritime center here in DC, we aren’t land-locked, either – seemed to have a hard time once “marine grade” [...]