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Possible faering kit from Chesapeake Light Craft – do it!

Chesapeake Light Craft’s John Harris had a great blog post a bit back on two faering designs he developed. The post gives a good overview of these lovely Scandinavian working boats, but the thrust of the piece is that John designed his own faering for stitch-and-glue construction.

At the moment, plans to make a [...]

Excellent article on lug rigs by CLC’s John C. Harris

John Harris of Chesapeake Light Craft recently published a nice piece, “Lug Nuts,” on the virtues and characteristics of the lug rig. I’d recommend it for anyone picking a sail for a small boat (or selecting a boat to acquire.

Final story from the 2011 Mid-Atantic Small Craft Festival – John Harris in the cocktail class racer

Toward the end of the day Saturday, I happened to be on hand when John Harris, father of Chesapeake Light Craft, took a spin in one of the two cocktail class racers that were about. For those who don’t know, these boats are 8′ plywood outboard boats that barely hold a single man. They go [...]

Support a boatbuilder and rower’s quest to defeat autism

As a father of a child afflicted with autism and as a avid supporter of boatbuilding and boat adventures I was in love with news in Chesapeake Light Craft’s e-newsletter today of a great new voyage. Neil Calore is a Philadelphia firefighter who built a CLC Northeaster Dory as part of a CLC class last [...]

Congratulations are in order for our friends on the Bay

A quick note with two well-deserved congratulations to two friends of Chine bLog. The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum is sporting a great new design for its main web site. I’d encourage folks to drop by and check it out. It is more attractive than its predecessor, better showcases the museum’s assets and activities (dawdle on [...]

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival LIVE! – Test-driving some Chesapeake Light Craft boats

I just test-drove three Chesapeake Light Craft boats: a Wood Duck 12 Hybrid kayak, a Chester Yawl pulling boat, and an Annapolis Wherry. You may recall I have written about them before. I really like what they are doing.

The Wood Duck is a pretty little kayak (the hybrid refers to it being part [...]

Structurally complete! The Peace Canoe gets a bottom

And then, after a final push, in the gathering twilight, the Peace Canoe had a bottom. And that, gentle readers, means she is structurally complete. Houston, we have a boat!

Just a whole lotta planning and sanding, plus a mother lode of plastic wood, and we will be cracking open a paint can or [...]

Back in business – the Peace Canoe

At long last, I believe I have the sheer clamps replaced in a working manner. Man, oh man, was that an mistake that added time to the project! Just getting the broken ones off took several nights of careful digging for the nails with a tack-puller and cutting the goop with a utility knife. Exhausting [...]

Building the Peace Canoe – time on the Moaning Chair

At the beginning of Howard Chapelle’s seminal tome Boatbuilding, there is a 4-page introduction in which Chapelle goes through the entire building process at a 10,000′ level. After talking through getting out molds, cutting the rabbet, and installing deck beams, Chapelle devotes the final paragraph to a subject that one must assume is of equal [...]

The Peace Canoe gets seats and gets closer to full sides

Voila, the seats are ready. I have been working on them at night or during glue cures, and they have come along well. Here is the middle one. The plans specify cut-outs on the ends of the seats; I added my own flavor of these cut-outs.

I have also installed both chine logs, and [...]