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The latest from our shop – canoe paddles for the kids

Hello, dear readers. Or all two of you that haven’t written off Chine bLog. We have been on a bit of a hiatus here at the editorial HQ of Chine bLog. No excuses, just haven’t gotten to much writing.

We have been in the shop a bit over these few months. As Christmas [...]

Awesome dugout outrigger canoes and other Pacific art – Tevita Kunato

We are feelin’ South Pacific here at Chine bLog. We have some sweet new tunes from Papua playing (Akave by George Telek) and just had the pleasure of discovering an amazing boatbuilder and artist. We found Tevita Kunato via our friend Gary Dierking over at Outrigger Sailing Canoes. Tevita Kunato is the business name for [...]

“Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff)” – a nice-looking blog

Thanks to Bob over at Indigenous Boats for his recent post highlighting Paddle Making (and other canoe stuff), a blog by a Canadian canoeist / paddlemaker / artist named Murat. The site has a gallery tool to view paddles Murat has made – they are almost universally stunning. Well worth keeping this one in [...]

More new stuff at the National Museum of the American Indian

The second highlight of our recent revisit to the National Museum of the American Indian began as we entered the grounds. I looked up and saw a series fo decorated canoe paddles in an upper-story window. “Must get to that spot” I thought.

Without much trouble we found them in a resource area. Through [...]

Skin-on-frame boat treat – Inuit kayak and Ojibwe birch bark canoe

I was able to get in a quick peek at the National Museum of the American Indian, which keeps a few traditional boats in its rotunda. I have written about the semi-traditional Inuit kayak before, but I didn’t have a shot of the completed boat. Here she is.

The boat is pretty and definitely [...]

More boats seen at the Center for Wooden Boats

There are so many cool boats to see at the Center for Wooden Boats. I noticed a bunch that weren’t there in my prior visit. Here’s a little slide show of them:

First recent project

My first recent boatbuilding-type project was a canoe paddle for my daughter. It was her first birthday present. She’s three now and may soon be ready for it.

It is a pretty simple – I just carved it out of a 1×6 – but it was my first jump back into this world after [...]