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Maine needs boatbuilders

A business contact of mine pointed me to an interesting article in USA Today – no, really, USA Today – on the shortage of boatbuilders in Maine. Apparently there are a number of factors driving the trend, but it threatens one of the hotbeds of boatbuilding – especially the classic kind we like here at [...]

A room with a view…

I recently got back from a trip to San Diego for a wedding [side note: aside form the perfect weather, pleasant scenery, laid back lifestyle, and ubiquitous water sports, what IS the big deal about this town? ;^) ]. We were in a nice hotel on the harbor, but decided not to pay up [...]

Simba – a fine-looking Italian boatbuilding and restoration services

It’s always nice to find a new blog in our little space on the old web. Welcome, then, to our new Italian friends at Sibma Navale Italiana, a wooden boat building / boat restoration shop on, as best as I can tell, the Italian Riviera. Given that seems to be where TONS of key restoration [...]

What is a classic?

I was just browsing the site for Gannon & Benjamin, an amazing yard on Martha’s Vineyard. Mr. Benjamin, who, if you glace at his stuff on the site, is worth some attention, had this to say:

QUESTION: What is a classic yacht?

ANSWER: by Nathaniel P. Benjamin

After more than thirty five years of continuous [...]