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Time for a little boatbuilding philosophy

I have given my dad a subscription to Maine Boats, Homes, & Harbors Magazine for several years. Recently he sent me a couple quotes he took from an article in the recent issue (I believe the editor’s note from the March 2012 edition). Behold:

The desire to build a boat is one of those that [...]

‘Far From Perfect': Authenticity at the Wooden Boat Festival (via

We recently stumbled across a lovely piece from the Seattle media site about authenticity. It stems form the author’s reflections exhibiting his self-built boats at the Port Townsend (WA) Wooden Boat Festival. He reflects on that tension we all, in the classic / traditional boat world, feel between the desire to have a boat [...]

A nice proverb for a Sunday morning

I found this Swahili proverb in a somewhat interesting piece on Zanzibar in the Washington Post’s Sunday travel section.

Ukiona vyaelea vimeundwa [If you see vessels afloat, remember they have been built]

What is a classic?

I was just browsing the site for Gannon & Benjamin, an amazing yard on Martha’s Vineyard. Mr. Benjamin, who, if you glace at his stuff on the site, is worth some attention, had this to say:

QUESTION: What is a classic yacht?

ANSWER: by Nathaniel P. Benjamin

After more than thirty five years of continuous [...]

Addendum – how could I forget…

… the noise… or lack of it. The great pleasure of my kind of boating is the peace. Paddling (or sailing or rowing) along allows one to feel the wave dynamics on the hull, hear birds, smell the ocean (or lake or river) air – in short, notice those things in nature we often don’t [...]