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Movie you need to see: “Ten Canoes”

Here’s a movie you Chine bLog readers should see: “Ten Canoes.” The movie recounts an Australian Aboriginal myth, highlighting the culture and practices of the people of far Northern Australia in the process. It is another in the genre of movie that features actual members of an indigenous community in the area where the [...]

Nice YouTube video of a proa sailing in Miami

Interesting video of a proa sailing off Miami. Thanks to the Proa File International Yahoo! Group for noting this. I got to them via our old friend Gary Dierking at Outrigger Sailing Canoes in New Zealand.

A better look at the boat is here:


We saw “An Inconvenient Truth” last night…

My wife and I saw An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore’s movie on climate change, last night. You must go see this movie. Whatever you think of Al Gore, put it aside and just look at the evidence – it is too compelling to ignore and cuts through a lot of the garbage. Bottom line: this [...]

Wood-and-canvas canoes on screen (and DeNiro too…)

The March/April issue of WoodenBoat

is not the first place I might turn for movie previews, but it turns out there is a movie coming out in late this year called “The Good Shepherd” that has an impressive cast: three wooden-and-canvas Old Town canoes and an Adirondack Guideboat. That’s talent, if you ask [...]

Excellent movie from Raid Sweden

The recent WoodenBoat has a great article on a type of event that is arising – a “raid”, which is a multi-day small boat race/cruise favoring tradition-inspired and naturally-powered craft. Many of these seem to have both oar and sail legs. Sounds very cool.

In a related post on the RudderPost blog WoodenBoat editor [...]