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Building the Peace Canoe – time on the Moaning Chair

At the beginning of Howard Chapelle’s seminal tome Boatbuilding, there is a 4-page introduction in which Chapelle goes through the entire building process at a 10,000′ level. After talking through getting out molds, cutting the rabbet, and installing deck beams, Chapelle devotes the final paragraph to a subject that one must assume is of equal [...]

The Peace Canoe gets seats and gets closer to full sides

Voila, the seats are ready. I have been working on them at night or during glue cures, and they have come along well. Here is the middle one. The plans specify cut-outs on the ends of the seats; I added my own flavor of these cut-outs.

I have also installed both chine logs, and [...]

Making sawdust again, part IV – a mast and its partner

And so, it came, my last of four trips out to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s Apprentice for a Day program. What a great experience it has been – I can’t wait until life’s other demands allow me time to head out there again.

The boat is coming along well. The frames and deck knees [...]

Making sawdust again, part III – Of deck knees and a centerboard

Geez – it has been too long. Apologies to my loyal readers – yeah, you three – for keeping you hanging. Last weekend brought me back to Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s for another installment of the Apprentice for a Day program. And a great day it was.

The boat has come along [...]

Good call from WoodenBoat – “Getting Started in Boats”

I was pleased to see the insert in the July/August 2006, Issue #191 of WoodenBoat: “Getting Started in Boats.” It is a step-by-step manual for building an attractive little skiff aimed at the novice boat-builder. Kudos to WoodenBoat for jumping on this opportunity to expand the proverbial pie and bring more folks aboard the [...]