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The story of the last Pacific-crossing balsa raft

We turned on NPR‘s Morning Edition this morning just in time to catch the tail end of a story referencing a balsa raft in Australia tied to a historic voyage.Mental note made to look up the piece made, we went on with the day. The story was “Australia Celebrates A World-Record Ocean Crossing.” It tells [...]

Heads-up Aussies - Melbourne Wooden Boat Festival is coming upHeads-up Aussies – Melbourne Wooden Boat Festival is coming up

No, no one has invited to fly me down under to report (though I am still willing to negotiate!), but, since I know folks from the South-side check in, I wanted to make sure folks knew about this cool-sounding event: the Wooden Boat Festival, held this year in Melbourne, Australia on February 20-21. According to [...]

The first boats – they may be older – a lot older – than we think

It has been an exciting few weeks for anyone interested in the origins of boats and boating, as we are here at Chine bLog. It turns out that humans may have discovered the ways of the maritime life long before science generally believed. First, I read a great article in the next to last issue [...]

Movie you need to see: “Ten Canoes”

Here’s a movie you Chine bLog readers should see: “Ten Canoes.” The movie recounts an Australian Aboriginal myth, highlighting the culture and practices of the people of far Northern Australia in the process. It is another in the genre of movie that features actual members of an indigenous community in the area where the [...]

Michael Storer Boat Design – nice work from Down Under

I recently found some comments I had heretofore not noticed, including one from designer / builder Michael Storer, who seems to hail from Australia. Thanks for visiting, Michael! Storer has some nice-looking plans, including one I particularly like, a sailing canoe called BETH.