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Alexandria Seaport Foundation’s Potomac River Dory Boat project

Our local wooden boat education and youth development program, the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, is launching an effort to build two Potomac River Dory Boats. The boats will be built by the apprentices and the community and used for a broad array of educational initiatives. Here is a nice introduction (in a somewhat large Flash file).


Skin-on-frame boat treat – Inuit kayak and Ojibwe birch bark canoe

I was able to get in a quick peek at the National Museum of the American Indian, which keeps a few traditional boats in its rotunda. I have written about the semi-traditional Inuit kayak before, but I didn’t have a shot of the completed boat. Here she is.

The boat is pretty and definitely [...]

Alexandria Seaport Foundation gets a mention in a Australian blog

Alexandria Seaport Foundation got discovered by Australian blogger Mike Hitchen and his blog i On Global Trends. Good on ya!.

A good time to support Alexandria Seaport Foundation

I have written in the past about the Alexandria Seaport Foundation. I love this organization. They are currently building their endowment and have a commitment from the Ohrstrom Foundation to match donations. Think about supporting them now.

Alexandria Seaport Foundation on CBS news

Tonight must be multimedia night… my friends at Alexandria Seaport Foundation made the CBS Evening News! Congrats to Joe Youcha and crew for getting some q.t. with Katie Couric.

Joe Youcha – a Washingtonian of the Year!

While I am going crazy with postings tonight, a quick congratulations to Joe Youcha, Executive Director of Alexandria Seaport Foundation on being named one of Washingtonian magazine’s Washingtonians of the year. He does a great job and is a caring, personable guy – this is much deserved.

Inuit skin-on-frame kayak building at ASF

Among the cooler things Alexandria Seaport Foundation did recently was to host two boatbuilders from Nunavut in Canada.

They led the building of two skin-on-frame kayaks. The results were incredible. The were fairly authentic in construction, though they used nylon for lashing and skin and the wood wasn’t exactly hewn driftwood. They were amazing, though [...]

Alexandria Seaport Foundation

If anyone is looking for a great wooden boat-oriented non-profit to support, I would encourage you to look into the Alexandria Seaport Foundation, based here in Alexandria, VA. While it does many things, its core mission is using boat building to bring hope into troubled young lives. The organization’s purpose:

Through the building and [...]