Designs and Sketches

The design of mine that has come the farthest is, obviously, the one for the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe AL DEMANY CHIMAN, which is covered separately. The next most developed is the 35′ racer-cruiser sloop, LiLo.

Sloop LiLo, in profile

I designed “LiLo” as my project for the Elements of Boat Design class at the WoodenBoat School. I did my best to reproduce the drawings in a legible manner (and barely succeeded). It was a fantastic experience and I am pleased with the results. I think she’d look stunning in any anchorage. I recommend forest green topsides and faux-tanbark sails.

My other designs are not well developed, by serve to indicate what kinds of ideas I am kicking around.

  • A new fusion of tradition design sketch – “Friendship Slumiak” November 17, 2011


    I had a couple management meetings this week that provided for doodling space. I have been thinking about a larger skin-on-frame craft ad that led me to umiaks. The name then came to me and so a boat needed to come of it: an umiak-construction hull with lines and rig evoking that classiest of classics, the Friendship sloop. Fun to noddle on.

  • Design idea – Maine lobsterboat meets Indian canoe August 24, 2010

    At one point I came across a picture of a dugout canoe from India with these amazing, carved stemheads, not unlike this one. I am not sure why, when I started playing around with how these might get used in other contexts that I thought to do a Maine lobsterboat with them (plus a rounder stern). I like it, though. Practical, schmacktical – it looks interesting.

    Indian canoe lobsterboat

    Unfortunately this one knocked around in my work bag too long before I remembered to retrieve it.

  • Design idea – a jukung-junk-schooner August 24, 2010

    I had this idea of taking the characteristic bow of an Indonesian jukung, which I LOVE, and marrying it to a very different hull form. In this case, what came out was a jukung bow on a pinky schooler stern with a junk rig. And I do think it has some potential.

    Jukung schooner

  • Design idea – ~30′-ish canoe yawl August 24, 2010

    I doodle in meetings. A lot. Occasionally, I’ll get inspired and an interesting boat idea emerges. As is my way, I am typically trying to blend traditional design characteristics in some sort of fusion. I have a few saved on scraps of paper, and its high time I started sharing them. Comments are, of course, welcome. Let’s keep ’em constructive, people.

    I had an all-day meeting yesterday so I had time to play with this one a bit. Scale is something like 1 1/2″ = ~30′, but I am not sold on the length. I was trying to capture the profile of a haida canoe and thinking about the construction of a curragh a la Tim Severin’s BRENDAN (updated to modern materials). The rig is more straight Western traditional, but I think it fits. I haven’t really played much with center cockpits, but I wanted have oars as the auxiliary. Maybe the boats is too big for that (that’s one reason I am vague on lengths!). No idea if it all would work, but that is why it is just an idea at this point.

    Canoe yawl design idea

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