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You will find that, from time-to-time, my blogging slows down here at Chine bLog. Sometimes it is the Real World beckoning, but often it is because I have a project going on. When I can, I am building skills at small boat design and construction, as an avocation. Much of this work fits in the Fusion of Tradition philosophy. I am eager to show off what I do and hear feedback on it.

Completed skin-on-frame outrigger canoe AL DEMANY CHIMAN

AL DEMANY CHIMAN – The skin-on-frame outrigger canoe project (2009-2010)

From my earliest days dabbling in boat design I have wanted to build to my own design. In 2010, the dream came alive in the form of my new boat AL DEMANY CHIMAN. In initial use she has proven able, quick, light, and head-turning (if I may say so). She is also already award-winning. View highlights of the boat or browse the entire set of posts about her.


Peace Canoe PEACE OF THE PUZZLE at launch

The Peace Canoe PEACE OF THE PUZZLE (2007)

This was my first fully independent boat building project. The Peace Canoe design appeared in one of the first of WoodenBoat’s Getting Started in Boats supplements and is a good first project (by design). After some use she has proven solid and stable, though heavy and slow. She was featured in WoodenBoat magazine’s Launchings section in early 2008. View the index page for highlights and an overview as well as the entire set of posts.


Sloop LiLo, in profile

“LiLo”, a 35′ “spirit of tradition” racer-cruiser (2006)

I designed “LiLo” as my project for the Elements of Boat Design class at the WoodenBoat School. I did my best to reproduce the drawings in a legible manner (and barely succeeded). It was a fantastic experience and I am pleased with the results. I think she’d look stunning in any anchorage. I recommend forest green topsides and faux-tanbark sails.


Other designs and sketches

AL DEMANY CHIMAN and the Sloop LiLo are the two designs of mine that have come the farthest, but others are in more formative stages. Check out my other designs and sketches, many of which build on my Fusion of Tradition philosophy. Warning: most currently hew closer to the “sketches” side of the ledger.

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I was wondering where I could buy the little boat that is in this picture? my son Elliott saw it and he really wants one is there anyway you can help us out thank you have a nice day


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