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Achingly beautiful cutter and more Friendship Sloops

Double-down on Friendship Sloops – with which we have no problem – because Great Harbor Boatworks posted a nice set from the Southwest Harbor Friendship Sloop Race on its Facebook page (thanks to Thomas Armstrong of 70.8% for the share). The lead-off boat in the photo album is the one below, which is a cutter we believe named RESOLUTE. She is so beautiful it hurts.


Sweet Friendship Sloop photo

Here’s another image courtesy of of Facebook, this one on the WoodenBoat Facebook page: two lovely Friendship Sloops, with full sails set, racing (I believe) at one of last year’s Friendship Sloop Society events. Just amazing boats. Ultimate photo credit, I believe, goes to the Friendship Sloop Society, to which I need to pay more attention.

Friendship Sloops

Races at Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival


For those scoring at home, your 2011 Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival sailing race winner was a Sunfish. A non-traditional, plastic boat – kinda violates my sensibilities. But well done.

I am eager to get going with the paddling race as it is COLD here in St. Michael’s, MD.

[UPDATE] It was me and four kayaks. I got shallaced… again. Time to get my double paddle working with this boat (tried once and I could get my position right). At least the race committee noted I was the only single paddle and called me my own class. So they gave me recognition.

Video: modern dhow racing in Dubai

I had not been aware that in the Persian Gulf region they sail modern racing dhows. Imagine a sandbagger crossed with a traditional lateen rig crossed with modern construction and rigging. These look fun fun fun! Fusion of Tradition-y too.

Thanks to WoodenBoat‘s My Wooden Boat of the Week blog for the link and back story.

Great traditional rowing boat video on the Fogo Island Punt Race

Many thanks to Chris Partridge over at Rowing for Pleasure for highlighting the Fogo Island Punt Race, a 20-mile open-ocean race in traditional wooden rowing boats. Wow. I love the seriously traditional specs for race boats. For those not up on Canadian Maritime geography, Fogo Island is off the Northern side of Newfoundland, Canada. Chris embedded the video below, which is a really nice story of the race and the boats.

Incidentally, if you want more of a flavor of Fogo Island – or, in fact, if you are in the Chine bLog mindset at all – you MUST go grab yourself a copy of the song “A Boat Like Gideon Brown” off Newfoundland band Great Big Sea’s great album “Sea of No Cares.” Just do it. You will not regret it unless you only like death metal.

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival LIVE! – DOH! Need a chase boat – or to get in a crew

I am sitting here watching the race from a distance and realizing a major mistake. I should have either tried to get on one of these boats by calling ahead or, barring that, should have brought my kayak with me. I could be out with the fleet right now. Instead of on a distant deck. Of course its a drift fest, so I am not missing a great race, just a close-up of these boats under sail.

Bolger Light Schooner

One thing I can tell from here: Phil Bolger’s lovely Light Schooner is a nice pick for such a race. I am looking at one out there and it is doing well.

Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival LIVE! – Getting ready to race…

We are getting ready for the start of the sailing race. I am guessing there are about 40 boats out there with some really great ones among them. If have seen an Oughtred Caledonia Yawl, a couple of sweet sailing canoes, a number of sprit or lug skiffs and such. It’s very cool.

Of course the breeze is minimal and flukey, so I’m not anticipating great action…

A great sounding sailing race – the Mill River Race in Vinalhaven, Maine

Also in the June/July issues of Maine Boats, Homes & Harbors magazine I learned about the Mill River Race, a fantastic-sounding race in and around Vinalhaven, ME. Rather than a standard ’round the buoys deal, the race is an out-and-back through narrow passages. In the map below, it seems to start in the Fox Islands Thoroughfare, near the North Haven label, and head Southeast into that tidal river. That just seems tons of fun because it is so unusual and unconstrained – except by raw nature. Quoting from the article: “… things get tight as the dinghies squeeze through tiny passages, some little more than a boat-length wide… small islands and big rocks create random lees…” I dig that.

View Larger Map

Of course it helps that the race is run in North Haven Dinghies, a classic class of gaff-cats. They look like great little boats. Check out this slide show of the race.

Sweet Hawaiian sailing canoes – The Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association

I came upon the site for the Hawaiian Sailing Canoe Association tonight. Mostly info about their race series, but they do have a nice photo gallery that is worth looking at. Looks like these boats absolutely fly – I need to try one.

Hawaiian sailing canoe
Photo by Terry Galpin

Location: Hawaii, USA

More on proa racing in the Marshall Islands – videos on YouTube

Location: Majuro, Marshall Islands

The other night, I added a post about the return of proa racing to the Marshall Islands. Don’t you know, then, that days later, we now have some video of the 2001 races. “aqlunafoo” added a post to the Proa-file yahoo group with four interesting videos. Many thanks!

Here are some race videos. As with much on YouTube, it is really a music video, with the ame footage repeated a few time. No matter, its well done and show the boats going through their paces. They look like a blast.

Here is another video, this of a bigger boat from the Marshalls. This looks like it might be a fishing boat, but it is clear it is pretty fast. Another gem here.