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Fun chance meeting with photographer Ellen Tynan

Last weekend we were out for a hikelet along the Potomac river and happened upon a woman enjoying the view of the marsh. We got talking and she mentioned, in particular, my Wooden Boat hat. She then revealed that she was a photographer who specialized in classic and traditional boats, and she noted she had been published in the magazine. Her name is Ellen Tynan and, on review, I am sure I have seen her work (also on Flickr).

She is hoping to publish a book in the not-too-distant future: “Boat Lines.” It will compile her photos of traditional boats from six regions of the world: Maori New Zealand, Ireland, Alaska and British Columbia, Peru, Indonesia, and Egypt. Good sampling, there, eh?

I’d suggest browsing through her work and getting a sneak peak at what might be in the book. A quick selection of works that jumped out at us, here at Chine bLog, includes (will open in new tabs/windows):

There are many more great ones. It would be well worth your time to browse them all on your own. Keep an eye out for this great sounding book.

Ask and yee shall receive – three new Klaus Schmitt designs

Klaus Schmitt has responded to our post last night with three more designs he has sketched up. He is definitely in a nice vein – classic workboat-inspired yachts. All look like they would be comfy and pleasant while not looking far removed from hauling a barge or a net. Of the first, Klaus writes: “[The first] is a raised mid deck cruiser… a nice way to get some room inside without [the sheer] looking too lumpy.” I agree the approach works well here, thanks to the strong trim on the sheer plank.

7 - 34 Ft motor yacht

The next is “a small motorized pinky that will take you most anywhere. Incredibly seaworthy boats.” And sooo gorgeous. This is easily my favorite of the three. I love the lines of a pinky and this is a great take on the tradition. In fact, it really is what we call a Fusion of Tradition boat, is it not?

7 - Motorized Pinky

Finally, a boat Klaus call “a tough little motor sailor.” Indeed – no one is kicking this one out of the anchorage without a fight. And who’d want to anyway? Charming.

7 - Motorsailer

A new design from Klaus Schmitt

We here at Chine bLog are pleased to welcome back sketcher extraordinaire Klause Schmitt. He writes that he has put his work up for show in the last year and hopes to again, so here’s hoping this morsel of design goodness – a tug-inspired classic yacht that echos a couple of his past works we’ve shown – will preface more. Keep ‘em coming, Klaus!

Motor yacht

Achingly beautiful cutter and more Friendship Sloops

Double-down on Friendship Sloops – with which we have no problem – because Great Harbor Boatworks posted a nice set from the Southwest Harbor Friendship Sloop Race on its Facebook page (thanks to Thomas Armstrong of 70.8% for the share). The lead-off boat in the photo album is the one below, which is a cutter we believe named RESOLUTE. She is so beautiful it hurts.


Boats we found on vacation at Cuttyhunk Island, MA

We here at Chine bLog are just getting back into the grind after a nice vacation at our fave port, Cuttyhunk Island, MA. We got in some good paddles in the skin-on-frame outrigger canoe, AL DEMANY CHIMAN, and, along the way, key our shutter ready for interesting craft that were also there. There were several of note. Below are some highlights.

Pocket-cruiser ketch

An interesting-looking pocket-cruiser ketch

Gaff sloop

Sweet little gaff sloop

Mini tug

A well-appointed mini-tug

Dorethea L

Workboat-inspired power cruiser DORETHEA L


Trawler-yacht ACADIA

As in the past, we are inclined to award a Boat of the Trip, given to that vessel that best captures our heart, pure and simple. The ones above are all nice, and we were thinking we’d have to make a tough choice, but then, on the last full day, the dark horse appeared and sewed up the award. I saw her from the house, about a mile away, and knew I had to check her out. Up close, I found what I expected: a gorgeous sheer, fine woodwork, and tons of character. She’s the delightful lovechild of ROSINANTE, a Maine lobsterboat, and a 20′s commuter. We call that fusion of tradition, my friends. In the end, with no disrespect to the other entrants, it wasn’t close. So congratulations to BARNACLE of Guilford, CT – you’re the Boat of the Trip!


BARNACLE, from Guilford, CT

Barnacle, bow-on

Bow-on view of BARNACLE, from Guilford, CT

Sweet Friendship Sloop photo

Here’s another image courtesy of of Facebook, this one on the WoodenBoat Facebook page: two lovely Friendship Sloops, with full sails set, racing (I believe) at one of last year’s Friendship Sloop Society events. Just amazing boats. Ultimate photo credit, I believe, goes to the Friendship Sloop Society, to which I need to pay more attention.

Friendship Sloops

New (-ish) design from Klaus Schmidt – a “great little weekender”

Here’s another design from our sometime contributor, Klaus Schmidt. He describes this boat as a 28′ motorsailor and “a great little weekender.” We agree she has a nice look about her, as we have come to expect from Klaus. Enjoy!

28' motorsailor

More stunning yacht designs from Klaus Schmitt

Our posts on the yacht designs of Klaus Schmitt are always popular, so I have finally gotten off my transom and am posting some more. The style is pretty consistent, which I say in the sense that one would of a favorite restaurant.

First up, a lovely 32′ schooner. She has extremely pleasing lines, including a fairly exquisite cabin, if I may say so. The designer notes that, at 32′, she is “about as small as a gaff schooner can get.”

32' Schooner

Schmitt’s favorite of the set is one he calls “Oyster Pirate.” He says “…another design from your neck of the woods. She is based on the description of a small skipjack used for dredging oysters in beds reserved for hand tonging. It was done illegally at night. She is only 34 feet, shalllow and fast. A great, big daysailer.” Yes, you’d be right at home on the Chesapeake in this one.

Oyster Pirate

Klaus has a way with workboats. Here is a nice little tug that looks outfitted for a short cruise.

32' tug

Finally, we have “Ruby’s Dream Boat.” I don’t know who Ruby is, but she must be a dreamboat because she gets an awfully nice dream boat.

Ruby's dream boat

Another lovely set. Enjoy!

’round the blogs – great stuff from elsewhere in the traditional boat blogosphere

It has been far too long (we do I always find myself starting this way? SIGH) since we here at Chine bLog highlighted the great posts others have offered the world regarding wooden / traditional boats. Yes, believe it or not, Chine bLog is NOT the only source. Really. It’s true. If you haven’t discovered it already, you should be sure to read the stuff below:

Indigenous Boats
Bob Holtzman over at Indigenous Boats has been putting out a ton of great stuff of late, such that I can’t come close to mentioning it all. Some highlights I’d recommend:

Gavin at intheboatshed has kept his blog going strong. Check out: Continue reading ’round the blogs – great stuff from elsewhere in the traditional boat blogosphere »

After too long – more fantastic, classic boat designs from the collection of Klaus Schmitt

Several months ago, we were honored, here at Chine bLog, to post two sets of designs by an amateur designer named Klaus Schmitt (post 1 and post 2). Recently we were excited-as-all-get-out to have a guy contact us looking for Klaus’s info. Yes, Chine bLog generated a well-deserved lead. It turns out we have been sitting on more great stuff from Klaus which he augmented in a replying email. His work was popular and exactly the kind of stuff we love (note that some are Fusion of Tradition-y), so shame on us for waiting do long to post this new installment. Enjoy!

We’ll start with a couple larger boats that I think are incredibly handsome interpretations of work boats. Klaus’s words introduce them.

… this is not a small boat… she is 45′… It was my own idea about the ultimate live-aboard. The hull is based on the Chesapeake Bay buy boats (although smaller) from your neck of the woods. An easy hull to drive with a thrifty diesel and a working boom to launch the dingy!

Buy boat yacht

I love it. I’ve had a sometime fantasy about junking the house for a boat like this. While I like this one, I LOVE the next one: Continue reading After too long – more fantastic, classic boat designs from the collection of Klaus Schmitt »