“Chine bLog” – I don’t get it

So you came to the site, it seemed interesting, but the name just isn’t making sense. “Why’d he call it ‘Chine bLog’?” you say. Looking at my site traffic stats, a fair number of folks think the blog is a French site about China (“Chine” is French for “China”). Sorry to disappoint. No, the name is wholly appropriate to the site’s content.

Many boats, if viewed end-on, have rounded sides. A sizable number, though, including many smaller wooden boats and most recreational power craft, have a sharp corner – corners – rather than perfectly rounded sides. If you view such a boat from the side, there is a clear line running end to end where the corner is formed. This corner is known as a “chine.” On many wooden boats with chines, there is a structural piece of wood following the chine and strengthening the corner. This piece of the boat is often called the “chine” as well but is properly the “chine log.” Get it? ;^)

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