Remember S. Newman Darby, father of the windsurfer

Back on New Year’s Eve, the Washington Post published the obituary of S. Newman Darby. Mr. Darby was not a household name and was certainly no one I knew of. He did, however, bring me and many others great joy of the years by inventing the first thing we now would recognize as a windsurfer. Did he do this on a beach in Maui or SoCal or the Caribbean? No, he did it on a lake in that yachting center of Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Most notable is the Mr. Darby reaped little financial reward, not wanting to incurring the expense of patenting. He also didn’t much care about the financial side; he just wanted people to enjoy the sport. Well, Mr. Darby, I certainly have and do enjoy the fruits of your genius. Fair winds to you, sir!

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