Own your own Klaus Schmitt boat design sketch

Over the years, it has been our great pleasure here at Chine bLog to feature the many boat design sketches of Klaus Schmitt. I know many readers have enjoyed his work, and a few have inquired about full plans. It’s a small wonder – Schmitt’s work is stunning and his boats, mostly inspired by various workboats and fishing vessels of a past era, are amazing, to a one.

Many would agree that the sketches are amazing pieces in and of themselves, even if their subjects should never put keel to water (but please, put some of these keels in the water!). Now you can purchase prints, including framed ones, canvases, cards and mugs of Klaus’s sketches on them at his new site. Think about this for your next special occasion. These will certainly perk up any wall (or cabinet, in the case of a mug). $30 for a framed print – you simply can’t beat that. Show Klaus some love, readers!

Framed print - 26' Sharpie Sloop

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