Milling planks and checking progress – the last Apprentice for a Day of the year

It was bound to come. As spring turns to summer, the schedule of non-Chine bLog activities ramps up here at the HQ of the corporate holding company, and we can no longer get out to spend days with Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s superb Apprentice for a Day program. The last visit was had its usual charms, but was as much a chance to check progress on this year’s boat, the draketail PINTAIL.

Testing the strip cove-and-beadWe spent the day making sawdust in the service of milling planks for PINTAIL’s topsides. The boat will be cross-planked on her bottom, but above the chines, she will be strip planked with 2+ inch wide cove-and-bead cedar strips. The image – blur aside, shows how the planks will fit together side-to-side, with the actual planks have a cove on one edge and a bead on the other.

The toughest part was getting the router set up correctly to bore the cove in the center of the plank’s edge. The image below shows a featherboard on one face. We would also add one at the top edge too.

Milling topside strips

By the time I left, we were able to get one plank test fitted, with a first try snapping in half in the process.

Sheer strip at bow gets test fit

The frame of the boat was in good shape. I was pleased to find the knee I worked on installed and the “stern hoops” I also helped crafted mated to the rest of the frame. Here are a number of photos that give a sense of how these pieces fit and how the boat as whole is coming along.

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